About Our Site visits & inspections

Health and Safety inspections are a crucial part of a good Health & Safety management system, and as part of your ongoing monitoring allows you to check that your workplace is maintaining a safe environment and employees are following the correct procedures. Health & Safety inspections are carried out by competent advisors and recorded on our bespoke site inspection template. Your advisor will issue a full report using our colour coded scoring system to inform you of any hazards or breaches of legislation; as well as suggesting ways to improve and highlighting good practice. Inspections are carried out on a monthly basis, or as requested by the company.

With our team of expert advisors strategically located across the region, H & G conduct over 3,000 regular site inspections every year offering on-site safety expertise, often referred to as "muddy boots advice." Having a dedicated safety advisor in your local vicinity serves as an invaluable fresh perspective for evaluating potential accident risks and implementing precautionary measures to mitigate those risks effectively. Following each H & G site visit, an electronic inspection report is promptly generated and transmitted to our members' offices, typically on the same day. This report identifies and draws attention to any areas of concern or significant breaches, ensuring timely awareness and action on potential safety issues.

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