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Gain assurance knowing you've secured our expertise as your Competent Person.

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With nearly 60 years in the field, we offer a diverse range of consultancy services tailored to your needs.

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As the longest-established independent Health and Safety consultancy in the U.K., we prioritise safety over profits.

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Our sole mission is to serve the construction industry, ensuring your safety and the industry’s betterment.

Tailored Support

Count on our experienced team to provide customised advice and resources specific to your requirements.

Community Impact

By choosing us, you contribute to a safer industry and support the growth of professionals across various sectors.

Regulatory Compliance

We assist you in adhering to regulations such as Reg 7 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

Expertise Utilisation

Leverage our qualifications in tenders, PQQs, and SSIP Applications to enhance your business prospects.

Multiple Support Channels

Reach us conveniently through phone, email, Teams, WhatsApp, and more for seamless assistance.

Timely Updates

Stay informed with access to our CV, Membership Certificate, and regular health and safety updates.

Practical Experience

Our highly qualified advisors bring practical construction knowledge to every consultation.


Enjoy our services with no contractual commitments, ensuring value for your investment.

Our History


Factory Act 1802 marks the UK's first legislative effort to safeguard the welfare of workers.


Factories Act 1937 extends the regulatory reach to the Construction Industry, encompassing engineering construction works. Subsequent amendments were made by the Factories Acts of 1948 and 1959, culminating in the Factories Act 1961.


Herefordshire Construction Safety Group is established, with its inaugural meeting held on November 10th, 1965, attended by Mr. B.A. Morgan of H.M Factory Inspectorate. Its primary objective is to offer a non-profit service aiding members in adhering to and understanding the 1961 Factories Act and its associated Regulations, along with subsequent legislation concerning Safety, Health, and Welfare.


Mr. Bennett becomes the Group's first appointed safety officer in April.


Mr. G.J. Toogood succeeds Mr. Bennett as the Group Safety Officer in September following his resignation in July.


Lord Robens' report is published, serving as the foundation for the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.


Herefordshire Construction Safety Group incorporates as a Limited company on December 12th, changing its name to Herefordshire & Gloucestershire Construction Safety Association Ltd. H.J. Davies assumes the role of the Association's first Chairman until 1977, with Mr. G.J. Toogood serving as the sole safety officer until his retirement in 1979.


The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HASAWA 1974) is enacted. Membership increases with 150 sites enlisted and one safety officer in place.


E. Futers assumes the position of Chairman.


Safety officers are provided with company cars for the first time.


G.J. Hotchkins joins as a Safety Officer, replacing G.J. Toogood upon his retirement. The Association expands its service area to nine counties.


A retired Principal Factory Inspector, Mr. Smart, is employed as a part-time safety officer.


A Sellwood of Robert Hitchins (Builders) Ltd becomes Chairman.


W.A. Gibbard of Martin Wilesmith Ltd becomes Chairman.


E.R. Pell of Owen Pell Ltd becomes Chairman.


Norman Davies is appointed as General Manager, and Marie-Louise Evans joins the Association.


R.J. Thomas of W.M. Powell (Builders) Ltd becomes Chairman, marking the move of the Association to its new offices in Widemarsh Street, where it remains for 31 years.


Bill Denning becomes Senior Safety Advisor.


Chris Livall assumes the role of Senior Safety Advisor.


The Association transitions to digital site inspections, abandoning handwritten reports for more efficient IT solutions, facilitating data storage and retrieval for members.


Nick Jones becomes Senior Safety Advisor.


The Association relocates to The Shell Store, Hereford, and celebrates its 50th anniversary.