About our Full Membership

Membership fees are determined based on the number of operatives working on your company’s sites, ensuring fair and accessible pricing for all

Experience peace of mind with our comprehensive health and safety membership package, tailored to cater to the needs of construction companies, regardless of their size or whether they have their own health and safety teams.

Our commitment is to offer you services that are straightforward and easily understandable. The more you utilize our services, the more favourable our rates become, a logical choice. To receive a clear and concise cost estimate without hidden fees or extended commitment periods, please apply using the button below.

What does a Full Membership include?

Everything from our associate membership:

  • Dedicated local safety advisors – Our advisors, with extensive practical construction experience, offer personalised advice.
  • Personalised advice – Contact us via phone, email, Teams, WhatsApp, and more. Our advisors, not call centres, will address your concerns promptly. We also offer in-person meetings and on-site visits if needed.
  • Provision of a health and safety policy – We’ll help create, update, and review it annually.
  • Access to competent health and safety advice, crucial for CHAS or SSIP accreditation – Utilise our expertise from tenders and PQQs to SSIP applications, enhancing your business prospects.
  • Regular safety updates and newsletters – We supply frequent bulletins and newsletters covering relevant issues, suitable for toolbox talks with your on-site team.
  • Construction phase plans (CPP) – Where you manage the entire site; get assistance and guidance to create an effective Construction Phase Plan.
  • Membership certificate – Assurance that you’ve secured our expertise as your Competent Person.
  • Access to a range of documents, including templates and industry best practice guidance
  • Assistance in preparing risk assessments and method statements (RAMS) – We’ll help create all required RAMS for your project, including standard Risk Assessments, Method Statements, and COSHH Assessments. Additionally, we can assist with site-specific documentation to suit your unique needs.
  • Discounted rates for training – A range of courses designed to equip your team with essential health and safety knowledge and skills.
  • Use of the H & G logo – Permission to use the H & G logo and refer to H & G as your competent external adviser.
  • Regulatory compliance – Assistance with adhering to regulations such as Reg 7 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.
  • Access to our CV – Receive our CV for as your designated Competent Person, along with Training and Membership Certificates if needed.

Exclusive to our full membership:

  • Regular site visits and inspections – Monthly construction site inspections by competent advisors ensure safety. Detailed reports aid compliance and improvement, with electronic reporting.
  • Annual safety review – Once a year, a safety advisor will meet with you to discuss your company’s health and safety matters including a review of your Health and Safety policy, procedures, statistical data and training records
  • Annual office inspection (if required) – Yearly inspection for offices, workshops, or yards, conducted as needed.
  • Major accident investigations – In the rare event of a serious accident, we will offer complete support throughout the investigation and the following paperwork.

Full Membership pricing

*Important – Our half year subscription fee varies depending on the number of personnel your business has, with a starting rate of £982 +VAT. The table above has a few example prices, however if you’d like to find out exactly how much your business will be charged, please use the calculator provided below.

Pricing table

Number of personnelJoining FeeHalf Year Subscription
1-20£175 +VAT£982 +VAT
30£175 +VAT£1473 +VAT
40£175 +VAT£1964 +VAT
50£175 +VAT£2455 +VAT
60£175 +VAT£2946 +VAT

Please note:

  • The above mentioned prices are relative to minimum requirements and may change depending on your requirements.
  • Out of area site visits acquire an additional charge of £75 +VAT per hour of travelling. See the areas we cover here.

Half Year Subscription calculator

Calculate your business’ half year subscription fee by simply inputting the number of personnel your business has below.

Full Membership Application form

We the undersigned, hereby apply for membership of The Herefordshire & Gloucestershire Construction Safety Association Limited (H & G CSA Ltd).

In making application for membership:

  1. We agree, if elected to become a member of the Association to honour and respect the Articles and Rules of H & G CSA Ltd in so far as it is a Company Limited by Guarantee.
  2. We agree to pay the subscription in accordance with the Memorandum and Articles of the Association and understand that the current rate of subscription base on min is £982.00 per half year plus VAT. The subscription will be paid by our Company in advance as is required by the rules of H & G CSA Ltd rated from 1st July to end Dec 2024 £982.00 plus VAT there after invoices Jan to end of June, July to end Dec.
  3. Joining Fee is £175.00 plus VAT
  4. We understand that a maximum period of fourteen clear days may elapse after payment of the subscription for the notification to the Safety Officer of sites requiring cover, whichever is the later, before the Safety Officer commences regular visits to our sites (please note out of area site visits – there is an additional charge of £75.00 per hour travelling).
  5. We confirm that this company has not had any HSE Enforcement Notices or other litigation.